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Over six years of consulting with small businesses throughout the United States have been condensed to a few processes that are required of all small business. These tools have been developed to ensure that you have simple yet powerful systems to manage and forecast your financial future. We also understand you have a business to run and don't want to sit behind a computer all day learning and working with a very complex overblown program. Explore our products page and find the financial tools you need in an easy to use yet powerful format.

Most small business owners do not have large funds allocated to have onsite management consulting
Most small business owners wish to do things for themselves rather that hiring outside help
Most small business owners do not have an accounting background
CPA's may help with taxes but typically do not give management advise

Company Profile

DIY was created to solve a very important problem for small business. Nearly 80 percent of all small business will fail in the first five years of business. The reason for this is simple, there are several key processes that every business must perform but most do not. These key processes are critical to success and many businesses can survive for several years without them. However, these businesses will struggle to pay their bills and eventually they will likely fail. DIY will give you tools to manage these key processes and thereby vastly improve your chances of business success.


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